Dakota Chamberlain

Claysburg, PA

Dakota has had a passion for the outdoors since he was 5 years old. He loved to be in the outdoors with his father. He enjoyed hunting squirrels, rabbits, deer and turkeys. Dakota hunts the mountains of Central Pennsylvania. Mentored by his father, he has harvested numerous gobblers. He harvested his first turkey in the spring of 2007, at 9 years old. The young man also enjoys introducing new hunters to turkey hunting.

He has been calling in NWTF sanctioned turkey calling contests since 2004. He was six years old when he called in his first contest. He is the 2014 World Jr. Turkey Calling Champion and has had numerous top 5 Grand National finishes. Adding to his calling titles he has won titles in PA, VA, NY, OH and NC. Dakotas go to Woodhaven calls are the Walnut Real Hen, Vision Crystal and Cherry Classic Slate call.