Jason Dyer

Malvern, AR

Jason is 34 years old, born and raised in southern Arkansas with a deep passion for the outdoors. Jason was introduced to the hunting lifestyle by his grandfather. He enjoys fishing and just about every kind of hunting, but turkey hunting is his passion. At 13 years old he witnessed his grandfather call in and harvest a long beard. Ever since then his infatuation with the wild turkey was embedded. Two years later Jason called in and bagged his first gobbler. Many years have passed and since then he has enjoyed many successful hunts in numerous states, making some great friends along the way. Jason makes a living as an Electrician at Acme Brick in Malvern, Ar, where he lives with his wife Amanda and their two daughters, Adyson 8 yrs and Camryn 4 yrs. His go to calls are the Cherry Crystal and the Copperhead II.