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Shane Martinez


Always hunting or preparing for different hunting seasons year round, Shane is an avid outdoorsman. Shane was introduced to hunting and the outdoors by his father as soon as he was old enough to walk. Some of his most favorite memories are of traveling to Richloam Wildlife Management area in Dade City, Florida. It is in those woods, swamps, and river banks where Shane developed a passion for hunting, fishing, camping, and the wild outdoors! Chasing Whitetails, giggin frogs, and catching fish were the start to his early outdoor addiction.
When Shane was 7 years old, his dad introduced him to spring time in the woods and the elusive Osceola turkey. Shane fell in love with this and hasn’t looked back since. From March until late May, you can find Shane chasing longbeards across numerous states in the U.S. Shane has also developed a passion for the language of the wild turkey! Learning to use a mouth diaphragm at the age of 8! Shane has continued to practiced and develop more realism to his calling. In June of 2014, Shane decided to enter the world of competition calling. His first contest was a humbling experience to say the least! He was lucky enough to win the 2014 Florida State Owl Hooting Division. Shane has continued to practice and improve and is now consistently placing in many local contest across the U.S. In 2017 Shane had two top ten finishes at the NWTF Grand National calling championships and the World Turkey Calling Championships.
Shane never hits the woods without the Woodhaven Real Hen Box call or the New Ninja series 3 pack, with his favorite being the Ninja V cut. When not hunting Shane enjoys downtime with family and friends, cooking critters on the grill, and playing corn hole.