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The Black Wasp is considered the younger brother of WoodHaven’s famed Red Wasp. The Black Wasp has a top reed of red latex and a middle reed of prophylactic, just like the Red Wasp, the difference is in the thickness on the bottom black reed as well as the depth and thickness of the V-cut, gives the Black Wasp a little more rasp, volume, and overall backbone to the call. The Black Wasp will do it all! This call produces great cutts and yelps, as well as soft clucks and purrs

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7 reviews for Black Wasp

  1. Mickey Grey

    Over the years I have run mouth calls from all the major call companies and I always have come back to Woodhaven. Since being introduced a couple of years ago the Black Wasp has become my “Go-To” call. I carry one in my pocket year-round to practice and get more proficient. Have called in a TON of gobblers the last couple of years with this call. If you haven’t tried it yet you owe it to yourself to get one. Best mouth call I have ever used.

  2. Mike shaw

    The black wasp is the best all around mouth call I have ever used it has a clean front end yelp and has a very good back end and has some the Cutts are crisp and realistic and the cluck and purrs is pure turkey. You owe it to your self to try this call out you will fall in love with it.

  3. Tim Paden

    The Black Wasp is one of my favorite mouth calls in my vest. It offers the turkey hunter unmatched realism with sweet front end yelps and clucks. However, when the situation warrants that you get aggressive, it stands out in its ability to snap out sharp cuts and transition those sweet yelps into nasty back end rasp. It’s so good it’s almost unfair.

  4. Jacob

    I’ve been turkey hunting for year and just this past year are started using the red wasp and it has to be the best call I’ve ever used! Never buying any other call ever again best call you can get

  5. Dusty Easton

    Don’t let the “younger brother” line throw you off because this guy can stand alone. Volume, rasp and consistency across the full range of tones are possible with this call. At this point it seems the only limitations on this call are my limitations as a caller.

  6. Brad

    Unbelievable call. Woodhaven’s red latex for me produces the absolute best and most realistic sounds in the world. Taking the famed Red Wasp and putting a black bottom reed is magic in itself. Like all Woodhaven split v cuts the Black Wasp will produce any sound, but for me this call shines with the good ol ‘cluck n purr’. Great yelps and cutts, but that cluck n purr is flawless to run.

  7. Bryan Arterburn

    This call is my go to, best read call on the market. With this one I sound like a pro. It’s all I use

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