Copperhead II

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WoodHaven’s CopperHead II diaphragm call features a special YELLOW latex combination with a ‘snake tongue combo cut’ making it great for raspy yelps, excited cutting, hard or soft clucks, and hitting the high notes.

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Weight 0.125 oz
Dimensions 11.5 × 7.75 × 2.54 in

4 reviews for Copperhead II

  1. Wes Deom

    The Copperhead II is the call that has put more turkeys in my lap than any other!! A must have call in my case!!

  2. Marq Newberry

    My turkey hunting game completed changed when I started using the Copperhead ll. I’ve used a diaphragm call for 36 years and never had turkey’s respond as they do to this call. A good friend bought my first one and I used it for 5 seasons with numerous harvests. One season my brother and I tagged out with 3 birds each in VA and all were called in with this call. I killed my 3 before the end of the second week. I also have tagged out twice with 3 birds in a one week timeframe. Thanks Woodhaven for a great product!!! I’m ordering 2 more right now. Oh, I used the Sadler McGraw series before the Copperhead ll as I’ve been a Woodhaven nut for a long time.

  3. Paul

    Great call! Clean front end that breaks nicely into that raspy bottom. Capable of clean tree yelps or sultry pillow talk. Definitely recommend it!

  4. Jarrett Baisden

    This is by far one of the best calls I have ever used I have a couple buddies that use this same call and all are big fans of the Woodhaven product thanks for doing what you do!

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