Custom Cherry Crystal with Photo


Please be sure to check your email 24-48 hours after placing order to approve proof.  The current turn around time is about two weeks. 



WoodHaven is proud to offer a call for the collector as well as the hunter. Made from the highest grade of cherry wood, this call is great for corporate gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, wedding party gifts, father’s day, or any other special occasion.

This call is an absolute must for the avid turkey hunter or call collector.

***after order is received you will receive a proof within 24-48 hours***

***after approving your proof, the current turnaround time is two weeks***


1- Can you only use turkey photos? No! We have done calls with newborn babies, families, pets, sunsets, automobiles, tractors, landscapes…whatever you choose.

2- I only have an older, printed hardcopy photo, how can I make that work? A- You can scan and then email the photo. B- You can use a smartphone to take a clear photo of the original and then email or text the photo to us.

3- Will any photo work? We can make any photo work. Sometimes it might require adding a frame or a border to not lose too much of the main subjects. If an edit needs to be made we will send you proofs to approve before the call is built.

4- What does “scratched for use” mean? When we build calls they are all tuned and matched with strikers before they leave WoodHaven. To properly tune a crystal/glass call it requires scratching the surface. This is usually done on the lower portion of the call and is only a small area. In some cases, we understand that the call will not be used and put up for a keepsake, or you aren’t certain if the recipient will hunt with the call or want to put it on a shelf. In that case, we can “chalk match” the call to tune it out. If you’re wanting the recipient to use the call and “bust a beak on an ol long-spurred gobbler”…have the call scratched.

5- What comes with the call? All custom calls come with 2 matched strikers, a surface saver lid, and conditioning kit.

6- Can Mike Pentecost sign the call? Mike can and will sign calls upon request (if he isn’t away on a hunt).




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