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WoodHaven’s Green Hornet is the Red Wasp on steroids! For all the “Red Wasp” fans, you will love the new Green Hornet!  The Green Hornet is designed like the Red Wasp with a few modifications.  The Green Hornet is built with WoodHaven’s exclusive lime green latex. This lime green latex is a little heavier in thickness giving this call even more backbone than the famous “Red Wasp”. This call is very loud and crisp, producing great yelps, cuts, and cackles.

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7 reviews for Green Hornet

  1. Tim Paden

    If you’re a fan of the Red Wasp like me, then you will love the Green Hornet! It redefines backbone with it’s thick lime green latex reed. This call is a must have!

  2. J Hall

    Great all around, easy to blow, turkey sounding mouth call that can literally do it all! Definitely my new favorite!!

  3. Ryan Farrill

    I’ve always been a fan of the red wasp, but when I saw that this call was a red wasp on steroids, that is correct. It was exactly as described. I found it more user friendly than the red wasp, and I went from calling in 3 with the red wasp to calling in 6 more birds this season with a green hornet! This call is the bomb! I’ve struck birds with it in many situations, and the cuts and yelps this call produces are as realistic as it gets.

  4. Brad

    This call is a real gem to have. Like all Woodhaven calls it’s made with exceptional quality. The lime green latex is no joke.. it has a big bite but possesses a sweet purr.

  5. Luke Jones

    I love this call it’s raspy and sounds like that old hen that the gobblers always looking for its also got great cuts and cackles and is very easy to blow woodhaven really outdid their selves with this one.

  6. Jeffrey Brad

    I should have bought more of these! During our 2018 Spring I called in a total of 14 birds that were harvested by myself, friends and family in 3 states. This call was absolute magic. Hopefully they offer this one again in the future.

  7. jason lato

    Please let me know how i can get more

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