GunHunter ProFLEX Grunt™


WoodHaven’s “GunHunter” ProFLEX Grunter: In many areas of the country, the firearms season, whether being rifle or early muzzleloader, is based around the rut.  This is the premier time to call in a mature whitetail buck.  The “Gun Hunter” ProFLEX Grunt Call is designed for ease of use and requires very little air.  With the “GunHunter” ProFLEX Grunt Call, one can produce a wide range of calls, varying from whisper soft to very loud.  Realism and safety are the number one goals in the design of the “GunHunter” ProFLEX Grunt Call.   Made with WoodHaven’s InFlexor Tube, this allows for even greater inflection and tone quality. The “GunHunter” ProFLEX Grunt Call also has an adjustable “tone” band (O-ring)  on the reed assembly inside the barrel which allows you to change the call from deep mature grunts and growls to even the bleat of a young doe. The “GunHunter” ProFLEX Grunt Call, is designed with a complete safety orange barrel.  For the first time, this unique design allows gun hunters the ability to have a grunt call that is customized in color to their orange hat and vest.   Many states require hunters to wear during the firearms deer season.  The stylish look of the “GunHunter” ProFLEX Grunt Call not only looks good, but it provides a much safer scenario by offering a safety orange color to a grunt call that projects both movement and sound of a deer when being used.  The “GunHunter” ProFLEX Grunt Call………..Realism UNLEASHED! Made in the USA! Patent Pending.

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Weight 0.44 oz
Dimensions 28 × 12.75 × 5.88 in


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