ProFLEX Snort-Wheeze™

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WoodHaven’s ProFLEX Snort-Wheeze: The ProFLEX Snort-Wheeze reproduces a very aggressive, realistic snort wheeze made by bucks during the rut. Whitetail bucks make this sound primarily in the presence of other subordinate bucks that infringe on their territory to show dominance.   The snort wheeze is deadly on calling old, mature, whitetail bucks!  Now with WoodHaven’s ProFLEX Snort-Wheeze, producing this sound is easier than ever.  Sound is produced by blowing air through the call and extending and retracting the InFlexor Tube.  The InFlexor Tube does all the work for you to produce loud, resonating snort wheezes.  WoodHaven’s ProFLEX Snort-Wheeze…..Realism UNLEASHED! Made in the USA!  Patent pending.

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Weight .31 oz
Dimensions 24.25 × 14 × 5.88 in

3 reviews for ProFLEX Snort-Wheeze™

  1. Todd Shellhammer

    Nice need one

  2. Johnny pitts

    This call is the most realistic snort wheeze I’ve ever used or heard. If you don’t have this in your pack or around your neck you better get one quick! I want to purchase the bleat next. These are amsome calls.

  3. Chris

    One of the best purchases I have made. Very realistic snort-wheeze I’ve heard. Very quick on getting the product to the customer as well.

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