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Stinger PF Grunt from Joel Strickland on Vimeo.

With more than 20 years of development, testing and hunting with this call, WoodHaven Custom Calls is proud to offer the Stinger Pro Grunt. The Stinger Pro is designed to be easy to use and requires very little air to op­erate. With the Stinger Pro Grunt you can produce a wide range of calls, varying from whisper soft to very loud. The tone quality is unsurpassed by any other grunt available today! This call has an adjustable “tone”band (o-ring) on the reed assembly inside the barrel which allows you to change the call from deep mature bucks, to medium, and even the bleat of a young deer. With the Stinger Pro Grunt you will master these calls with very little practice. Careful hands on construction, assembly, and tuning insures each call to be awesome!  Patent pending.

Getting the deer in close and looking for you can be accomplished with the grunt. The grunt is widely known to be a vocalization of deer. When used properly this grunt will help you call deer. Now the WoodHaven Stinger Pro grunt call comes with our all New Inflexor Tube which allows for easier and more dynamic sound control. It can be as valuable as your gun, bow or camera.

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Deep Grunt: In rutting periods the grunt will render big bucks helpless as they try to fend off other bucks in their area. They may hear you grunting and think another buck is chasing a doe and cause them to come into range. This call comes pre-tuned to produce deep mature buck grunts with the o-ring in the lowest position.

Medium-Buck / Doe Grunts: Can be used to get bucks attention. Place o-ring in the middle area of the reed holder.

Bleat: Primarily used in the early season to stimulate the calling of young deer and will often bring in does and bucks to investigate. Place o-ring in the upper area of the reed holder.

Growl: The loud and very aggressive series of grunts made by a buck defending his territory towards a buck of less dominance. This is a very deadly call during all phases of the rut.

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10 reviews for Stinger ProFLEX Deer Grunt™

  1. Allan Vault

    I saw Scott Ellis demo this call on Facebook! WOW-amazing. I cant wait to get one!!!!

  2. Scott Ellis

    The Flexsor tubing adds to the amazing tone, easy to use and compact size. Truly another level of realism. Bring the rut!

  3. Mark Scroggins

    No doubt the easiest to blow grunt call I have ever used. It has the ability to be loud–but where it is amazing is with so little air you can get this amazingly real sounding soft grunt. I have used a lot of loud grunt calls–but never one with the capability of calling this soft. I want the deer to look for me and not at me!

  4. Tim Paden

    This grunt tube revolutionizes realism. With it’s flexible tube, the hunter is able to add inflection to each call, whether it be a roar of a dominant buck, a grunt, doe bleat or fawn bleat. The addition of tailored inflection and tonal qualities sets this apart from any other deer call on the market. My archery buck came running in after I gave a series of bleats and tending grunts!

  5. Bubba Stevens

    To be honest I had written off grunt calls prior to this season. Upon getting the Stinger-pro, I’ll admit I was skeptical. But straight out of the package I could tell there was something different. The ease of use and realism was amazing. Still, I let my son use the call this season. He then proceeded to call (grunt up) and harvest the largest whitetail ever in our family. Needless to say I will be getting be another one for my pack next deer season.

  6. Wes Deom

    Truly a different tone than anything on the market! From soft to loud, the realism remains the same! A must have in my pack!!

  7. Kennyolmstead

    I have used just about every call on the market. I’m obsessed with communicating with deer and people these are the best calls I’ve ever used. The sounds these calls produce are like no other I’ve ever used. It doesn’t get any better, thank you woodhaven custom calls!

  8. Gary Gagne

    This is the most active realistic call on the market. This is a must have for every deer hunter especially for November. Here in Michigan and Ohio this call has brought me in bucks that scored over 140″. Thanks to this call I can honestly say it steps up my game in their home every time. Thank you guys at Woodhaven custom calls and God Bless. It’s great to see a company that doesn’t fear nor deter from the world but stands firm in their faith.

  9. Adam Campbell

    The most realistic grunt call hands down!!! Grunted in a nice 8 pt. straight to my stand last fall(2017). The ProFLEX tube gives it a versatile, realistic tone. Better believe this call will be with me when I’m in the deer woods!!

  10. Mark W. Traister

    This call has full range, it does it all. Quality through and through. Very pleased.

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