The Cherry Classic Crystal

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The most versatile of the series, the CherryClassic Crystal is easy to use. With a range of sound from the highest and sweetest notes on the front to a raspy, absolute drop off across the shelf. The hard biting two note yelps and cutts are remarkable on this call. CherryClassic Crystal calls can also be custom made with photos or laser engraved logos. Call WoodHaven for further information.
Comes with the following:

  • Surface Conditioning Kit
  • Surface Saver Lid
  • 2 hand matched strikers

Additional information

Weight 0.7 oz
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 4 in

21 reviews for The Cherry Classic Crystal

  1. Glenn Rowe

    There is a reason why Mike’s cherry crystal is one of the most imitated designs in call making history. Still the best!!!

  2. Bubba Stevens

    As with the Scott Ellis Signature Series Mouth call, If I had to only take one friction call with me, it would be the Cherry Classic Crystal. Smooth running, realistic and really reaches out there.

  3. Todd Firth

    After checking MANY reviews on crystal friction calls I settled on this call. Opener was today in place very hard to get drawn for. Birds have been busy here for a month. They started talking, so I joined in. This call ran perfectly. So many birds came in at once, we had to wait for flock separation to shoot our bird. Humidity, light rain, and one nervous right hand,and this call never missed at beat. BTW, their customer support is absolutely outstanding! I needed the best call for the best hunt of my life,and that’s what I got. Thank you Woodhaven!

  4. James Henderson

    Great call. Very realistic sounds and comes with a cover. After trying some cheaper calls I finally bought a cherry crystal. I was a little overwhelmed at the price at Bass Pro Shops but I broke down and bought one. Glad I did, killed two nice toms opening weekend of 2015! I’m now a believer, plan on getting a slate call when I can afford one.

  5. Sam Farris

    Very versatile call! I can get loud or soft, my go to glass call!

  6. Brandon Ulwelling

    If I had to limit myself to one call, it would be this one. The last Tom I called in for my wife was 250+ yards out heading for the woods. I hammered a series of yelps on this and he stopped, his head went blood red and the death march started straight back. Best hunting memory to date.

  7. Tristan Gillespie

    Absolutely one of the best friction calls out there! Highly recommend! Worth every penny!

  8. Brad Condray

    When they will not come to anything else, they will come to this call. It is the most consistent call in my arsenal. I paid $100 for it, but you couldn’t offer me a lifetime supply of calls in exchange. It is a turkey calling machine!

  9. c.johnston73

    Brings them in on a rope!!

  10. Tim Maguire

    I have never written a product review for anything before. I bought this call at bass pro shop on Saturday night, on Sunday morning my son killed his first turkey. this was the only call that I used to bring him two Tom’s! Even when he was hesitant to pull the trigger and the birds lost interest I was able to bring them back with just a few soft yelps on this call!

  11. Daniel Henard

    I have numerous friction calls as well as many other types (all Woodhaven). If I could only go to the woods with ONE call. Cherry Crystal hands down. It has been the cause of death to many gobblers

  12. Bill Porch

    My go to friction call — it has the most versatility of all of the crystal pots I’ve tried. I love the rasp and the way it cuts through the air. Well worth the money.

  13. Daniel Laughter

    Best call I have in my vest. When no other calls work I always turn to the cherry crystal, it can get loud, aggressive, soft if needed. I love this one so much I actually bought another one for back up. I never go into the woods without it! You won’t regret spending a little extra!

  14. Brad

    Good Lord this is a gem. The quality and sounds this can produce is a dream. It has the most complete range of turkey talk I have ever seen in a friction call. It’s beautiful and of the highest quality. It’s performance is something that’s 2nd to none. No call maker is crafting turkey calls like Woodhaven does. This is such a versatile call. Comes with a conditioning kit, surface saver, and 2 strikers!!! Worth every penny. Purple heart and hickory strikers. People called me crazy for spending the money, but once they heard it it’s hard to argue that this gem is worth more than the money spent.

  15. Clayton

    Love love love this call. Been the death to 3 turkeys so far this year between me and other, and called in multiples each time. And called in flocks of 10-12 hens also. Very good call would recommend it to anyone that is looking for the real deal friction call. It makes these central ky birds fall right in your lap.

  16. Timothy O’Sullivan

    I haven’t been able to hunt Turkey’s in the past due to not having the place to hunt. I joined a club two years ago. Last year I got back into hunting Turkey’s. Came close last year but no cigar. After season last year I bought the cherry classic call I had always wanted. This season was different. Opening day I called in two big toms and shot one. The next weekend I went hunting I called in two more and was able to shoot another! The cherry classic is the best sounding call I have ever used. Thanks Woodhaven calls.

  17. Cameron Harrison

    The Hunting Public guys turned me on to Woodhaven Calls through their YouTube channel and I bought this call before season this year. Opening day in Arkansas and the birds are henned up really bad, not even gobbling once. But I got real loud with this call and backed off a ridge about 30 yards. Not even 30 minutes of waiting, and a longbeard popped his head over the ridge looking for that hen. Dad pulled the trigger and I couldn’t have been happier!

  18. Kyle Herrick

    I was hesitant at first dropping this much cash on a turkey call. Before this I only had a $25 Zink call. When I got my Woodhaven call in the mail I immediately knew why everyone loves it. It is a piece of artwork and the beat sounding call I’ve ever heard. Can’t wait to get in the turkey woods.

  19. Mike Healy

    I’m a beginning turkey hunter, but love quality gear. The aesthetic of this call is classy, sharp, and looks like something more experienced hunters would cherish or pass down to a son. It didn’t long to enjoy learning, practices, and conditioning this pot call. The strikers provided work well, the conditioning kit is handy, though I’ll likely grab a stone soon, and the crystal cover ads a sense of completion to the whole package. Beyond everything, I love supporting businesses that honor the Lord, to God be the glory!

  20. chuck

    Have been running a Woody classic slate for several years and piled up the gobblers with it. I wanted some variety so a got the cherry classic crystal and WOW, it sounds so crisp and clean. When combined they make a great one two punch. The slate gets that raspy old hen and the crystal has that sweet clean higher pitch that drives em crazy.

  21. jdcolli3

    This is my 2nd year of turkey hunting and if there is one thing I’ve learned it’s don’t go cheap on calls. This call is so much easier to use than cheaper slate/glass calls I’ve bought before and the sound is unbelievable. Customer service is top notch as well, I called with 2 questions and they were awesome to deal with.

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