The Kee Disc

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WoodHaven Calls is proud to offer the most authentic sounding kee-kee call in the industry today. We call it the Kee Disc.
The Kee Disc produces the high shrill whistles, as well as the purest adolescent yelps of a young turkey.

For serious competition callers or an avid turkey hunter, this aluminum call produces pure adolescent turkey at its best.

This call is a must have for the serious turkey hunter. Exclusively through WoodHaven Custom Calls.

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Weight .70 oz
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 4 in

2 reviews for The Kee Disc

  1. Ben chamberlain

    The kee kee disc is one of a kind call, if you hunt fall turkeys or a up coming competition caller you the have to own one these calls. Beautiful whistles into awesome yelps, you will have turkeys come running and judges turning there heads.

  2. Scott Ellis

    easiest and best way to duplicate a friction Kee Kee period. If you turkey hunt and love to run friction it’s a must have, in your turkey vest.

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