The Talon New 2020

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Designed by WoodHaven’s Mike Pentecost, the Talon is a 3 reed call (top yellow reed over two proph reeds).
The Talon is a differently designed call with a totally unique cut that’s extremely easy to control.  The Talon is a
modified Ghost Cut and is blown just like a traditional Ghost Cut Call.  When calling, you can easily transition
from a clear, soft yelp to also a much raspier hen yelp.  Any skill level can produce extremely realistic turkey
sounds. From hard, crisp cutting to soft clucking, purring, and whining — the Talon has not only its own unique
cut, but is own unique turkey sound.

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Weight 0.125 oz
Dimensions 11.5 × 7.75 × 2.54 in

2 reviews for The Talon New 2020

  1. Brandon Corley

    AWESOME call!! This call is the REAL DEAL!! Sobeasy to run and is like a Swiss army knife, can do everything you need!!!

  2. Andrew Keller

    Extremely easy to yelp with high pitch low pitch and raspy. The transition between a raspy and regular Yelp is effortless. Cutting is easy. The call does it all.

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