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WoodHaven’s Yellow Venom is a 3 reed call with a thin top red reed and two clear bottom reeds. The Woodhaven Custom Calls Yellow Venom diaphragm turkey call is designed Woodhaven Sting Team member, Scott Ellis with a totally unique 3-reed design that’s easy to control and allows sweet sound as well as rasp. When yelping, you can easily transition from the clear front note to the nasally raspy back end note. Any skill level can produce reliable turkey tones. Hard cutting to soft clucking, purring, and whining–-Yellow Venom does it all!

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Weight 0.125 oz
Dimensions 11.5 × 7.75 × 2.54 in

4 reviews for Yellow Venom

  1. Bubba Stevens

    The Yellow Venom has earned a permanent place in the top pocket of my vest. It is able to reach that higher pitch on the Yelps and Kee-Kee’s but can transition into some raspy yelps if need be. Easy to run and the yellow color helps me find it when I drop it. My son always grins when I break one out. He knows it’s time to get serious.
    It, along with the Scott Ellis Signature Series, are the two call that I recommend the most.

  2. Tim Paden

    The Yellow Venom is one of my favorite calls. It requires very little back pressure making it very easy to work especially when you’re fighting back a little Gobbler fever as that big strutter approaches. The pure tonal quality and realistic sound is everything you’ve come to expect from Woodhaven.

  3. Brad

    I have tried to mimic Scott Ellis as a caller for a while now. But this would be my favorite mouth call regardless of him creating it with Woodhaven. I love all sorts of calls and thickness of reeds, but when in I am working a bird I feel most comfortable with this call. Yellow Venom allows me to speak turkey how I want to and never miss a note. Soft to excited yelps, hard hitting cutting or clucks, and beautiful purring. Yellow Venom gave me confidence in calling to wild turkeys and its easy transitioning is comfortable to me.

  4. Avery Weaver

    I can’t lie I have been searching for a mouth call that I could use effectively. This call did everything I could have hoped for and even a bit more. The control of this call is outstanding and if I had the money I would by 1-2 more just to have for spares. This call is simply great and I would recommend it to any person looking to buy a mouth call. Thank you Woodhaven.

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