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Brian Hinton

Brian grew up loving the outdoors and learning the tricks of the trade from his dad. Brian began deer hunting at 9 years old. He shot his first 3D competition at 11 years old. He has always been an avid deer hunter but over the years he has also enjoyed squirrel, dove, rabbit, quail, frog gigging and fishing. At the age of 12 he began to help guide for upland hunts at Deer Creek Lodge. Just 1 year after that he had the opportunity to have a deer kill on film. At the age of 15 his dad introduced him to the great game of turkey hunting. He has never lost that passion. He has been chasing long beards for 25+ years. In recent years he has had the chance to share that love with his 3 daughters. He gets just as pumped and excited to be able to guide and hunt along side of them. In August he decided to try the calling competitions of the turkey world. He has met a lot of great people along the way and is beyond excited to be a part of Woodhaven Prostaff as of this year. Some of his favorite calls are the Scott Ellis signature series, Anodized Ninja and the Real Hen box call.