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Glynn MaddoxGlynn Maddox

Eastman, GA

Glynn has shown a true passion for the outdoors for five decades. He began following his Dad quail hunting in the piney woods of Georgia as soon as he was old enough to walk. His Great-Grandfather shared his passion for turkey hunting soon afterwards. He has chased gobblers from the swamps of Georgia, Florida, and Alabama to the mountains of the Western states. He has pursued waterfowl from beaver ponds in Georgia to Arkansas, Louisiana, and on to the prairies of Canada. His true passion is passing along the hunting heritage to others. He has taught hunter education as a volunteer in Georgia for 35 years and has guided quail hunts and turkey hunts for the past 25 years. He lives where he was born in Eastman, Georgia. His go to calls are the Scott Ellis Signature Model Mouth Call and the Cherry Classic Crystal.