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unnamedRyan McGrew

Beverly, OH

Ryan McGrew is 22 years old and has been hunting turkeys since he was 7. He was introduced to turkey calling at the age of 8. After a few lessons from Shane McGrew his father, he was in love with the sport. He would state, “Nothing beats the sound and thunder of the wild turkey gobble”. He has been calling in turkeys for family and friends since he got his first turkey, when he was 11 years old. There is nothing more he loves than calling in birds for first time hunters and watching them get “shook up”.

He also loves to call competitively. He’s been working the stage since he was 15. He’s won 7 contests and placed in numerous others. He is a two time Ohio State Gobbling Champion. His go to calls are the Red Scorpion, the Red Wing and the Real Hen box call.