HearingĀ Is Believing

About WoodHaven.

At WoodHaven Custom Calls, building calls is not just a hobby, it is REAL life!

We are driven to produce the most realistic calls available, guaranteed! Our quality, consistency, and integrity is second to none! Myself, and the small but dedicated staff are committed to providing you the consumer with the best call we can build, every time. Each WoodHaven Custom Call is hand built to an exact standard. If it isn’t right, the call is culled and thrown away, not packaged.

You, as the consumer are guaranteed to get the first quality call from a WoodHaven package, every time. Either my hands or those of another professional touch every call.
Our livelihood depends upon our ability to put our names and reputations into every call that goes into a WoodHaven package.

We are not trying to come out with a new gimmick and hyped up call all the time, just time tested, great quality calls that have been proven to work in the field and on the stage!
img_aboutWe ask that you not settle for imitations and over marketed calls that don’t perform, but to try a WoodHaven and see what a difference the realism of a quality call can do for you.
So if you want to Get Results, get a WoodHaven and Get Real!

Mike Pentecost, WoodHaven Founder & Owner

Okay, You’ve Heard Enough About Us