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Turkey Tips
May 15, 2018

4 tips on Dealing with wind

A windy day is frustrating for a spring hunter by making a gobbler is so much harder to hear. It is tougher to call in a spring longbeard when dealing…
April 12, 2018

Patience Is Key

If there is anything that any turkey hunter could use more of, it”s patience! In fact, if you asked any veteran turkey hunter what the one thing is that has…
Turkey Tips
April 5, 2018

Hunting Roosted Gobblers 

One of the most thrilling experiences for any hunter is catching a turkey in the tree where it slept the night before. Plans for guaranteed success are plotted with much…
Turkey Tips
March 20, 2018

My First turkey kill

Can you remember killing your very first turkey? Did you kill him on your first trip out or did it take you multiple times afield to punch your tag? Did…
Turkey Tips
March 15, 2018

What to know when hunting out of state

Planning on traveling out of state to turkey hunt this spring? Whether this is for your very first turkey hunt or maybe your going after your last sub-species to finish…
Turkey Tips
March 13, 2018

Turkey Season Checklist

Are you prepared for turkey season this spring? Here's our checklist of everything you'll want to have ready so that nothing stands between you and your turkey limit this season!…
Turkey Tips
March 8, 2018

Passing on the turkey hunting tradition 

Every young turkey hunter has someone who has shown them the ropes. It's vital to the survival of our sport that we pass along our passions for hunting wild turkeys…
Turkey Tips
March 6, 2018

5 keys to choosing a game call company

Who do you trust with your hard earned money? Turkey hunters know that when buying calls it's critical to purchase the best quality that your budget allows. However, with so…
Turkey Tips
March 2, 2018

Going Undetected: Choosing your Turkey Hunting camo

If wild turkeys could smell, they'd be impossible to kill. Turkeys have incredible eyesight, so having the right camouflage is crucial. Here are WoodHaven Custom Call's thoughts on the best…
Turkey Tips
February 9, 2018

5 Tips For Scouting Spring Gobblers

How can you find more spring gobblers this turkey season? Here are 5 tips to help get you on more turkeys this year. Scout them the WoodHaven Way!
Turkey Tips
February 9, 2018

3 Days of pure turkey!

Ready for a turkey hunter's paradise? The NWTF Convention in Nashville, TN is 3 days of pure turkey! Calls, camo, guns, and guides, there's something for all!
Turkey Tips
January 29, 2018

6 Tips on Locating New Places to Turkey Hunt

Where can I turkey hunt? Great question! Read on to learn how to locate new hunting properties this turkey season. Become a better hunter with the WoodHaven Custom Calls Blog!
January 22, 2018

5 Keys to being prepared for Turkey hunting season

Are you prepared for this spring's turkey hunting season? These 5 Keys to Being Prepared for Turkey Hunting Season will help ensure you're ready to bag a trophy.
Turkey Tips
January 19, 2018

How Do I choose a Mouth call for turkey hunting? 

With so many options, how does a turkey hunter decide what mouth call to use for the upcoming turkey season? Step your turkey hunting mouth call game up!
Turkey Tips
January 16, 2018

9 Reasons to buy a custom Turkey Call

Learn the 9 Reasons to Buy a Custom Turkey Call just in time for the spring turkey hunting season. Check out these 9 tips on putting the best in your…
Turkey Tips
March 7, 2017

5 Simple Turkey Calling Tips

At WoodHaven, we've made hundreds of thousands of turkey calls, and heard just as many stories of turkey hunting, bringing the bird in close and finally getting that old tom…
Turkey Tips
February 24, 2017

The Tone For Turkey – Box Calls and Friction Calls

When turkey hunting out west, it’s really important to have calls that can cut through the wind.  We’ve always experienced that box calls and friction calls do the best to…
Turkey Tips
February 22, 2017

How to Cluck and Purr like a Pro

Here's a quick snippet on how to cluck and purr on a mouth call from start to finish and how you can achieve the tongue flutter of the purr to…