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Patience Is Key WoodHaven Custom Calls Best Turkey Calls in America

If there is anything that any turkey hunter could use more of, it”s patience! In fact, if you asked any veteran turkey hunter what the one thing is that has helped them kill more turkeys over the years, most will tell you its PATIENCE!

Now, I am as guilty as the next turkey hunter of not always being patient. If you are like me, I love those textbook hunts where you walk down an old logging road, strike a gobbler and two minutes later you’re looking down the gun barrel at him…but that is just not a reality on most turkey hunts.


I think many times after a so-called textbook hunt, as turkey hunters, we come to expect this every time…and when it doesn’t happen, we are quick to play the excuse game. “Well they’re henned up, or there has been to much hunting pressure,” etc.


The list of excuses is endless, and patience can be in short supply during these tough hunting conditions. However, I have come to face the fact that most of the time we will be dealing with pressured birds, or they’re going to have hens. Thus, the key is to be patient. Patience stacks the odds of success in your favor.   Patience keeps you from making excuses just to feel better.


Patience is no more than just slowing down in my book, the key that gives you the time for success to play out. This success might look like the following:  

  • “I haven’t heard him in last 15 to 20 minutes so he must be gone,” only to find out that he slipped in quietly after waiting 30 minutes since you last heard him.
  • A turkey is gobbling great on the limb. He has answered your tree calls every single time, but you know if you call him very much, he may gobble so much that he attracts a hen. She could get jealous and take your target the other way.  

So, be conscientious and patient; don’t call too much while the gobbler roosts. It can make all the difference in success or failure. During the hunt, patience kills more turkeys; that’s the bottom line!


So, this spring when you encounter a few tough days of hunting with little success, stop, take a step back and slow the hunt down. Look for the little things that could lead to victory.  


As WoodHaven’s Mike Pentecost would say, “Always remember the three P’s of turkey hunting: persistence, position and patience.”  Be persistent; go when you can! Be in the right spot, and of course have PATIENCE.

P. A. T. I.  E. N. C., and that last “E” is silent!  Be quiet! Remember patience comes in many forms. Good luck this spring!