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Two Tom's and two Hen's in a Spring Field

Planning on traveling out of state to turkey hunt this spring? Are you completely prepared?


As a turkey hunter there is nothing more exciting than planning an out of state hunt! Whether this is for your very first turkey hunt or maybe your going after your last sub-species to finish your “Slam”, there are things you can do ahead of time to ensure success when you only have a few days.


1) Proper License Requirements  


Before traveling out of state to hunt you need to check with the appropriate Game and Fish Department to make sure to you have the required licenses and tags. Also, see if Hunter Education is required for certain age groups.  


2) Learn Hunting Regulations


Game laws could differ from your home state in which you are used to hunting. Certain states, such as Missouri, only offer legal hunting from one half hour before sunrise until 1:00 PM daily during spring turkey season.

Other states may offer all day hunting.


Some states, such as Texas, allow baiting. Other states, such as Oklahoma, allow baiting, but require a hunter to be 100 yards from the baited area at all times. While states, like Alabama, strictly forbid baiting under any circumstance.  


Being prepared also means being responsible for learning all of the appropriate game laws.


3) Driving or Flying?


Anytime you’re traveling out of state via air travel you should make sure to be packed correctly.  


All firearms and ammunition must be packed separately. All firearms must be packed in a TSA approved locked gun case. Guns and ammunition must be declared at check-in and inspected by a TSA agent.


4) Pattern Your Gun  


Always prepare and pattern your gun before going turkey hunting.


You owe it to the game you’re pursuing to be accurate with your weapon. There is nothing worse than traveling out of state to turkey hunt, only to miss out on a golden opportunity, or merely wound a gobbler because your gun is not patterning correctly.

5) Prepare Physically  


Few things can ruin a hunt faster than being physically unprepared for your adventure, especially if that adventure takes you into mountains or rough terrain.  

Walking, jogging, and strengthening your overall cardio endurance level weeks before your hunt will definitely help put you in a better position to succeed.


6) Watch the Weather


Staying up to date with current and upcoming weather conditions play a huge role in a turkey hunter’s success. This will help you plan your hunting attire, although, any successful turkey hunter will tell you to pack with weather changes in mind. You just never know when Mother Nature will throw you a curveball!


7) Study Topographic Maps


Now more than ever, a turkey hunter has access to better maps of his hunting area at his disposal.  Using software such as onXmaps and other programs offer real-time access to maps to study and learn as much as you can about the property where you will be hunting.


There is nothing like having boots on the ground to learn what you need to know, but you should prepare for a good hunt.


Prepare for an out of state turkey hunt: be physically and mentally ready, set travel plans before the hunt, get your weapon of choice sighted and ready, and research your starting point in advance. Be ready on Day One.


Good luck!