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2 Wild Turkey Toms in a Field

On the heels of the NWTF National Convention in Nashville, TN, there is a glaring question all hunters must ask: With so many game call companies out there, how in the world do I decide which one to buy from? We’re glad you asked.

Here are five keys to choosing a game call company.

  1. Value (Not Price)

When you hear value, don’t automatically think about price. Price is a huge factor in determining value, but it’s not the whole picture.

Each of the following four points in this article is a factor of value. Understanding all of the extras you get with the price of a call, including product quality, customer service, warranty, proven performance history and a relationship with the company are all critical parts of the equation.

Consider all of these points before you simply go with the lowest price available.

  1. Product Quality

This factor seems obvious, but product quality is key when considering where to invest your hard earned money on a turkey call.

Read reviews on company sites, online forums and social media to see what other consumers are saying about product quality. And obviously, trust your previous experiences with any call manufacturers.

  1. Manufacturing Capabilities

The reality of game call manufacturing is that some of the best custom call makers have a limited capacity to build their calls in mass quantities. This can lead to issues with filling orders quickly, replacing your older calls with new models, the speed of manufacturing and in-store/online product availability.

This may not be a huge deal when ordering calls during the offseason, however, this is an important consideration when you’re purchasing calls in prime turkey season.

  1. Customer Service/Response Time

Another burden of working with companies both very large AND very small can be a lag in customer service response time.

It’s important to purchase from companies with an attentive and nimble customer service team ready to work with you on quickly resolving order issues, processing repairs and warranty claims, answering questions and making suggestions, and, in general, ensuring you have a great experience with them.

  1. Warranty

This point partially falls into the customer service bubble, but it stands alone enough to merit some extra thought.

A turkey call is more than a purchase: It’s an investment. When you decide to spend your hard earned money on hunting gear, you need to know that the manufacturer stands behind their product with a warranty that protects your investment.

Several major brands offer lifetime warranties for game calls, which should hold some heavy weight in your decision.

These tips are meant to help guide you through the decision-making process of purchasing gear that can ultimately lead to your success (or failure) in the woods. If you have other helpful tips for buying quality gear, leave a comment below, and share your knowledge!