Foster Bartholow

Rapid City, SD

Born and raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the opportunity to turkey hunt is rich in this part of God’s country. Every year, Foster takes to the hills with friends, family, and clients in the pursuit of the harvesting one of these highly pursued white tipped Merriam’s.

With his new addition to the family, he is excited to introduce his daughter, Bri, to follow in her dads’ footsteps and show her the beauty of the outdoors.

Foster mentioned, “I can’t say enough good about Woodhaven calls and their team! The calls are incredible, the team is truly top notch, and their customer service is out of this world extraordinary! I have had amazing success in the field over the years, especially with my Classic Cherry Crystal. Our birds love a higher pitched tone, so that call never leaves my side while in the woods.”

In addition to turkey hunting, Foster enjoys spending quality time out on the line trapshooting where he and his brother shoot competitively, as well as travel through multiple states to teach hundreds to thousands of youth shooters the importance of firearm safety, accountability, and how to destroy clay targets.

Foster says. “The growth in this sport is incredible! I get into conversations all the time with kids on ways to apply what they learn on the field trapshooting to turkey hunting and archery, and it’s an incredible feeling when they send thank-you messages with photos of a longbeard they were able to harvest.”

To follow along Foster on his journey, check out his YouTube page, or head over to to find more info out on free youth shooting clinics.

Good luck in the field and God Bless!