Greg Keeton

Wilmington, OH

Greg began hunting with his dad at an early age. He credits and gives thanks to his dad for introducing him to hunting. They hunted mostly small game with an occasional deer hunt. He began bow hunting in 1976 and his first turkey hunt was in 1983. Greg says he has truly been blessed. As a blue collar working class hunter, has been able to hunt 13 states and 2 Canadian Providences. Hunting is an adventure to him and after all these years he still can’t get enough. Even though he’s been blessed with the opportunity to hunt numerous North American game animals, he is not afraid to tell you that nothing gets his blood boiling like turkey hunting.

He married his beautiful wife Beth in 1985 and they have 2 wonderful kids. Kindell, 28, also a Woodhaven pro staff member and Katie 24 who both are avid hunters. He has shared many days afield and at hunting events with his family and states “I wouldn’t trade for anything”. These days you can find him hunting with youth, physically challenged, women, wounded warriors and first time hunters or at the calling contests or hunting shows and banquets. If you look hard enough you will find old Greg, Be sure to look him up he says “I would love to meet you”. His go to Woodhaven calls are the Real Hen box, Cherry Classic Crystal and Crabtree signature.