Scott Cronin


Scott Cronin serves as a coordinator and ambassador for multiple companies which work closely with partnering organizations as well as seek further implementation of conservation practices at the state, regional, national, and global levels to engage a diversity of individuals in the outdoors. Cronin is a graduate from the Safari Club International American Wilderness Leadership School, hunter education instructor, agriculture education teacher, associate professor, and cohost of Jim Strader Outdoors.

Cronin resides in western Kentucky with his wife, Morgan, and their daughter, Addyson. Scott enjoys hunting small game, waterfowl, deer, and turkeys. He became more intrigued over the years with where to hunt and who he hunts with, not just the species of the game. Cronin has traveled throughout North America as a sportsman engaged in outdoor recreational activities. Cronin knows some of the hardest tasks can reap the greatest rewards, especially when advocating for hunters and conservation.

Scott enjoys working closely with companies and organizations in efforts toward recruiting, retaining and reactivating hunters. Cronin’s commitment and success encouraging others to pursue conservation, hunting, shooting sports and outdoor recreation continues to gain not only local but national attention. Cronin has vast experience working with a multitude of organizations, companies, and individuals. The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) selected him as Educator of the Year and he has been honored by multiple wildlife agencies for his work regarding the success of the outdoor recreation, education, and conservation outreach efforts. Cronin has completed multiple Royal Slam’s and is known for his consistency to harvest game on public and private land. His resume has extensive travel with hunting, fishing, outdoor recreation, adventures, and collaboration. While he has an appreciation for all Woodhaven products the Ninja Crow, Raincheck Striker, Fusion Aluminum, Woodhaven conditioning stone, and surface savers are always part of his turkey vest. Cronin has had tremendous success with whitetails utilizing Woodhaven deer calls.