Ninja Owl

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There is no better locator call to use in the spring turkey woods than that of a barred owl.   The “Ninja Owl” is designed by Grand National and US Open Owl Hooting Champion, Scott Ellis.  From those high-pitched screams and laughs, to the original 8-note hooting sequence, the “Ninja Owl” delivers a user friendly call with a championship quality tone and sound.

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2 reviews for Ninja Owl

  1. hinkle.dh

    It’s one of the best sounding owl call I have ever heard and it easy to use unlike some owl calls. They knocked this one out of the park!!

  2. raycarroll34

    Hands down this call wins! It’s so easy to get it to sound like a real owl. The tone pitch and comforting grip was very well developed and thought out. Bottom line it was made to get closer to owls and turkeys without causing the old problem of sounding like a person using a locator call!

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