Raspy Red Reactor

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WoodHaven’s Raspy Red Reactor is a 3 reed call with a thin top yellow reed and two clear bottom reeds. Get a reaction from the toms around your favorite hunting spot with the Raspy Red Reactor. Designed by Woodhaven Sting Team member, Scott Ellis, the Raspy Red Reactor features a completely unique cut on its top reed to deliver tremendous calling versatility. This diaphragm call delivers smooth, soft calls with little effort, as well as cutts and cackles with backbone, and a smooth front on raspy yelp.

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Dimensions 11.5 × 7.75 × 2.54 in

7 reviews for Raspy Red Reactor

  1. Nathan Currin

    One of my favorite Woodhaven Mouth Calls!! This call can do it all from soft calling to aggressive cutting and yelping.

  2. Allen Vault

    Love, love, love this call! It’s got amazing tone. Easy to run. turkeys love it too!

  3. Tim Paden

    The Raspy Red Reactor drives turkeys wild. From soft clucks to raspy yelps to sharp cackles, this call will fool the wariest of turkeys.

  4. Cole Nichols

    Get this sucker warmed up before hitting the woods and you are going to have the toms hot and heavy. I love how raspy the call is. It produces some of the most irresistible purrs and clucks I’ve ever heard. Me and my friend both have this call and both use it to get the toms to gobble when nothing else we have will. It can produce a wide range of sounds. But, I give it four stars because it is a little hard for me to cut on, and it sometimes squeals a little if I don’t have it just right in my mouth. I am not the best caller by no means, so this probably has something to do with it, as my friend’s doesn’t squeal and he can cut fairly well on it. Great call love using it, hope this review helps!

  5. Barry Abernathy

    Absolutely LOVE the Raspy Red Reactor! I have bagged several turkeys with this call. It is my “go to” call when things get serious in the woods.

  6. Eric bowling

    This call is awesome tag out every year with this one call. If you get this call you will make the turkey s live rough woodhaven makes the best calls ever

  7. Curt

    One of the very best calls true hen sounds easy to use with little wind or pressure yes this will put gobblers in you lap with practice

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