Red Ghost

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WoodHaven’s Red Ghost is a 3 reed call with our famous red latex as a top reed, clear latex as a middle reed, and black latex as a bottom reed. We may have created the best kee-kee call of all time with this call! The Red Ghost has tremendous range and control, and is easy to break into a very nice yelp! A must try for those that like the ghost cut.

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Weight 0.125 oz
Dimensions 11.5 × 7.75 × 2.54 in

3 reviews for Red Ghost

  1. 22stopjik

    Can make really nice raspy Coutts and clicks, I’m just a beginner at calling, but I got good at this call fast

  2. 22stopjik

    I can get raspy clucks and Cutts, nice call

  3. Bill Smith

    Harvested two longbeards already this year with only this call!

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