Small Frame (mini) 3 Pack

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Get BIG sound from a small call!

This series of two reed calls are built with the smallest frames and tape available today- the youth or mini frame. They are great for those with smaller pallets or dentures. We experimented with several different latex combinations, stretches and cuts to come up with this diverse but well balanced line. Let these calls add to your calling arsenal with a small call with a big sound!

Mini Red Scorpion- our famous red latex over one proph. reed. Scorpion cut to give maximum diversity. Great all around call for yelping, cutting, kees and clucks n purrs.

Mini Yellow Ghost- our yellow latex over one proph latex. Ghost cutt to get those sweet kees and mellow yelps with a touch of raspiness!

Mini Green V- our standard ā€œvā€™ cutt call with our green latex over one .003 clear latex. Super raspy and good all around call for cutting, cackling and clucks n purrs.

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6 reviews for Small Frame (mini) 3 Pack

  1. Trevor Boyce

    These are some great calls! The green V is the best out of all. But all of the calls have great sound! I recommend these calls.

  2. Rick Easter

    These are the best mini frame calls I have tried.

  3. Shawn Griffith

    These calls work awesome! My spring 2015 season I called in more birds with these calls than I ever have.

  4. Mary Hinton

    I love my turkey calls not only because they sound wonderful but they fit great in my mouth and the birds go insane.

  5. keven straight

    I wear dentures and these calls work great for me. Please make more types in small frame.

  6. Bryce cook

    Make more small frames!!

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