Strike 3 Striker – Birch – flared tip

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Laminate Bell Tip Birch Striker- For yelping, bell tips are more forgiving of striker angle. Woodhaven has mastered the craft of laminating layers of wood with epoxy to create a techno wood that is phenomenal in strength & beauty. Under extreme pressure & heat, layers of wood are joined then precision turned to exact specs. The result is the fastest, raspiest, most consistent striker to ever run your slate, glass or aluminum calls.


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Weight 0.125 oz
Dimensions 28 × 10.25 × 2.54 in

6 reviews for Strike 3 Striker – Birch – flared tip

  1. Nathan Currin

    Awesome striker!! Brings out the life of your favorite Woodhaven pot call.

  2. Scott Ellis

    The best in the woods and on the stage. I don’t leave home without one!

  3. Tim Paden

    The Strike 3 striker enhances the pure tones of my Cherry Classic slate and crystal calls.

  4. Ben chamberlain

    This striker is one best out there, it makes any turkey call come to life with raspy yelps, sharp clucks.

  5. Baron Summerville

    This striker is great I have lost a couple running and gunning and order another the next day. They make every call I have sound so much better. It’s so noticeable thar my hunting buddy’s rave about the difference in the sound and most of them have broke down and bought one.

  6. Jack M. Martin

    Best sounding striker I’ve ever used. Easy to use and the sound is incredible.

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