The Mahogany Crystal NEW 2020

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The Mahogany Crystal is built in a mahogany vision cup with a purple-heart sound board which creates a very elegant call with superior turkey sound. Each Mahogany Crystal is hand matched with a hickory and the new Deluxe Striker.  The overall sound is “Pure Turkey” with a great front end rolling over to good raspy yelps.

Comes complete with a surface saver lid, conditioning kit, and two matched strikers.



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Weight 0.7 oz
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 4 in

3 reviews for The Mahogany Crystal NEW 2020

  1. Christopher B.

    The Mahogany Crystal is a great sounding call! I really love the raspy back end this call makes. just like an old boss hen. You can still hit those high notes as well and get loud with it. Nice clucks and purrs to. It definitely has its own unique turkey sound, and is much more raspy than the Cherry Classic Crystal that I have which I really like.

  2. ranger12al

    Mahogany Crystal
    Love this call !! Best realistic sound of any call I have. Very good quality & well worth the money. You won’t regret buying this call !
    I also bought the Woodhaven Conditioning Stone and it works really well.

    T. Davis

  3. mrmattsroberts

    The Mahogany Crystal is a ultra realistic sounding friction call pure turkey speaks from the striker out through the sound board. This call is very user friendly and my go to in the turkey woods great clucks, cuts, purrs and yelps! worth every penny wood haven quality will not let you down!!!

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