Turkey Hunting Box Calls

If you’re looking for the best turkey hunting box calls on the market, look no further! Woodhaven’s custom box calls are designed specifically to help you bag that big gobbler. Our high pitch calls are great for locating turkeys anytime. With their loud, raspy yelps, you’ll be cutting through leaves, wind, and rain to get your turkeys closer. Woodhaven Turkey Hunting Box Calls put you in the game and those gobblers in your sights.

Our handmade custom calls are quality assured and field tested before they ever make it to you. If you’re looking for a box call that can cluck, cutt, and cackle, then check out a Woodhaven Turkey Hunting Box Call.

Get your Turkey Box Call

Get one of our Turkey Box Calls for yourself and see the ultimate test in action. Bring em in closer than you ever have before with our unbeatable calls.

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    The Ninja Hen *New 2018*

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Turkey Calling Tips

Want to hear some of our most popular calls in action, or maybe just want some advice on how to get the best tone out of a turkey call? Then check out some of our most recent posts in the “Turkey Tips,” category. We’ve got step by step instructions on turkey calling, as well as videos featuring our very own Mike Pentecost and Scott Ellis – two of the top, world-renowned, turkey callers out there.

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5 Simple Turkey Calling Tips

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At WoodHaven, we've made hundreds of thousands of turkey calls, and heard just as many stories of turkey hunting, bringing the bird in close and finally getting that old tom you've been calling in for hours. It's from these stories, and all of our Pro Staff and personal experiences that we're sharing some simple tips for getting the most of…

The Tone For Turkey – Box Calls and Friction Calls

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When turkey hunting out west, it’s really important to have calls that can cut through the wind.  We’ve always experienced that box calls and friction calls do the best to get that sound out there and be effective. Having a couple calls with you that have different pitch and tone is important to bring as well. I’ll often bring two…