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Get 'em In Range

Get yourself a gobbler with any of our professionally tested turkey calls.


Made in USA

At WoodHaven, it's all about Red, White, and Blue. 100% made in AMERICA!


Field Tested

All WoodHaven products are field tested to ensure unsurpassed quality and realism!

WoodHaven Custom Calls is the premiere custom game call manufacturer, designer, and distributor in the United States. WoodHaven produces the highest quality turkey calls, from custom hand made mouth calls and cherry box calls to engraved and designed strikers. Be sure to check out some of the newest NINJA Gear now available!

WoodHaven is pioneering their way into the deer call market with the introduction of the all new ProFLEX series of deer calls.  The ProFLEX Series includes not only grunt calls, but also a bleat call, snort wheeze call, and a NEW duel bag rattling system that offers the same great realism in sound that people have come to expect from all WoodHaven calls.

When people see the WoodHaven logo, they are able to instantly recognize an appreciation for quality products, and a commitment to excellence. Any time that you buy some of our WoodHaven gear, you’re telling people that you mean business in the sportsman’s world.

Our custom calls are designed to not only be the most effective calls on the market, but also to be the most reliable.  At WoodHaven, we only know one way…..and that is to produce each call at the highest standards possible.  It is the “WoodHaven Way”! 

We have award winning sportsman on our WoodHaven Pro Staff that are committed to the standard of excellence that only WoodHaven Custom Calls can provide. Feel free to reach out to any of our Pro Staff members and ask them for yourselves why WoodHaven Custom Calls are the best in the outdoor industry.

Make Memories
This Season.

Stay ahead of the game with our brand new Deer Calls

All of our deer call product lines are rigorously tested for quality, assuring you of the “out-of-the-box” perfection for each call WoodHaven is known for.


Get Your Own
Limb Hanger

It takes quality calls to find quality birds.

There’s something to be said for a product that just works right. Just ask anyone who has used one of our box calls before and you’ll understand.


The Ninja Series of Turkey Calls