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Bob BarnardBob Barnard

Plano, TX

Bob has been hunting since the age of six. He has been guiding turkey hunts for 40 years. There is nothing he likes better than sharing an experience with a first time hunter, especially a child. He has been a competition caller for almost 30 years and has won over 70 Championships. Bob began his calling career in Missouri, moved to Florida where he continued his championship calling, and he now he now resides in Texas.  All five of Bob’s children have become champion callers. When entering a contest, he signs up for every division possible. He spent many years developing his own calling technique, ensuring he sounded like a turkey and not another caller. He loves the Open Division, but Friction calling has always been his favorite. He has won many Gobbling Championships, therefore the nickname “Gobbler Bob”.

He acquired the turkey calling disease and spreads it to everyone around him. He believes paying it forward is the future of our sport. Bob has also influenced many others to become competition callers and loves to pass on the tradition. Bob is an outdoor photographer and has written short-stories about the sport, which was published in several outdoor magazines. His go to calls are the Vision Crystal and the Yellow venom mouth.