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Bubba StevensBubba Stevens

Senoia, GA

Bubba, living up to the name, has been passionate about the outdoors since he could walk. He grew up involved with hunting, fishing, camping and just about any other outdoor activity you can imagine. He followed the traditional Georgia hunting path and pursued squirrels, rabbits, dove, quail then on to Whitetail. Every weekend found him pursuing something and growing as a woodsman. It wasn’t till later in that he discovered the awesome sport of turkey hunting. Since that remarkable first time of striking a bird with a mouth call, he has made up for lost time. Bubba works as a project manager for a site work contractor and is a proud member of the Woodhaven Custom Calls Pro-Staff. He currently serving as the President/Treasurer for the new NWTF Line Creek Chapter in Coweta/Fayette Co. GA and is obsessed with turkey hunting.  But he would tell you that he is even more obsessed with introducing young hunters to this great sport and promoting conservation for the future of wildlife. This passion and enthusiasm has enabled him to be featured on featured on Turkey Call TV & in Turkey Call Magazine, Published in Georgia Outdoors News Magazine, Co-Host on Georgia Outdoors Radio and guest appearances on the Hook and Hunt Radio show. He is also a member of the ATA (Amateur Trap Association).  Bubba lives in Senoia, Ga and is blessed with a beautiful wife Angie. They have two sons Cole & Sawyer, all with a love for the outdoors. His youngest Son Sawyer (14) has harvested 3 of the 4 wild turkey sub species. Their favorite trophies are the birds they have been fortunate to call up for others. His favorite Woodhaven mouth calls are the Yellow Venom and the Black Wasp but his “Go to Call” is the Scott Ellis Signature Series. Bubba believes “This Call Does it All.” His favorite friction call is the Woodhaven Cherry Classic Crystal. You can check out his family’s Turkeys Season and Woodhaven Adventures on Facebook – The BOT – Bubba’s Outdoor Television, Instagram – BOT_188 & YouTube.