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Ben Chamberlain

Claysburg, Pa

Hunter was born and raised in the bayou state, Louisiana. At a very young age, two years old, Hunter started getting brought back and forth to the duck blind so his family could legally kill a extra limit of mallards. Duck hunting was Hunter’s first love. Along with dove, squirrel, rabbit, AND ANY TYPE OF HUNTING POSSIBLE was a way of life for hunter. Turkey hunting then came later for hunter and quickly he fell in love for the sport. From there he then became addicted to hunting the wild turkey, which then led to the calling competition circuit. He began competition calling at age 20. He has a intermediate state title in Louisiana, three time state open champion, along with a Louisiana friction title. He also has competed on the big stage 4 different times. Hunter now continues to work with his intense passion to learn and become apart of the “real” turkey vocabulary to continue his success more for turkey calling contest. As of now, he still lives in Louisiana while working for his family owned construction business, Lemoine Industrial. On Hunter’s off days he’s either preparing for the upcoming duck season in the flooded hard woods timber, awaiting the first push of mallards to wave in, or most commonly continuing his love for turkey calling and learning the real turkey talk!