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Parrish ElliottParrish Elliott

Fairview, Tn

Parrish is the Regional Prostaff Manager for Mossy Oak Brand Camo. He was brought up in the outdoors where hunting and fishing was almost like a religion in his house. He can remember chasing Turkeys for the first time in the late 80’s in Tennessee, he says back then when you heard a bird gobble it was you went after him cause you may not hear another one and that’s where his love of Turkeys started.

Parrish is very passionate about deer and turkey hunting. You can say he is obsessed with bow hunting deer all across the south during the fall. But when spring time comes around you can bet you will see him headed to the woods listening for the first gobble of the morning. He calls it his alarm clock. Parrish’s go to calls are the Comp V 3 and the Walnut Real Hen.