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Ronnie LambrichRonnie Lambrich

Radiant, VA

Hunting or preparing for different hunting seasons12 months per year, Ronnie Lambrich is a true avid sportsman. Ronnie has been chasing big and small game since the 1970’s. He has been successful in the field chasing trophy whitetail deer, mule deer, caribou, antelope, elk, moose, waterfowl and wild turkeys to name a few.

Ronnie’s best skills are probably found in the turkey woods. With 1 world slam, 3 royal slams and 11 grand slams he hunts multiple states per year and is no stranger to success in the field. Ronnie resides in Radiant Virginia with his wife Terri and two daughters Madison and Carlie. The Woodhaven calls that he never goes into the woods without are the Red Wing diaphragm and the legend aluminum pot call.