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Roy AeschbackerRoy Aeschbacker

Belleville, Michigan

Roy Aeschbacker from Belleville, Michigan is a professional guide, seminar speaker and outdoor writer. Aeschbacker’s expertise is in calling all types of game animals into gun or bow range. Aeschbacker especially enjoys spending a day in the outdoors teaching a youngster how to call game. The guide has hunted turkeys in 18 states and has over 40 years of gobbler chasing experience under his belt. His woodsman ship abilities, dedication and experience in hunting and calling the monarch of the woods are evident in his seminars and guide service. This has made him a favorite speaker in 20+ seminars that he presents yearly across the country. Aeschbacker is an avid waterfowl hunter and guide, and he believes that proper decoy presentation, concealment and calling are keys to his success.  Aeschbacker enjoys the challenge of calling all types of wild game. “If it comes to a call, I’ll hunt it”.

His favorite spring turkey calls are Woodhaven’s “Red Wasp” and the “Vision Aluminum”. For fall hunting he favors the “Simple Ghost” and the “Kee Disc. He loves to run the Real Crow not only for locating long beards, but for calling crows into shotgun range.