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IMG_6665Sawyer Stevens

Senois, GA

Sawyer began going to the woods with his dad, Bubba, when he was 5. He immediately fell in love with every and anything to do with the outdoors. Dove, squirrels & deer have a big place in his heart but the pursuit of turkeys is his favorite. He was able to harvest both his first deer and turkey at the age of 8. Since then he has become a very accomplished hunter and an ambassador to other kids around him for the sport. He hunts mainly in the Piedmont section of Ga but has had the opportunity to harvest turkey in Kansas and perhaps his favorite was taking a beautiful Osceola on NWTF Turkey Call TV.
Early in his career, of course, was spent hunting with is dad and granddad, but now he is utilizing that knowledge on his own and his knack for being in the right place and using ethical woodsmanship is being noticed. Sawyer is often a guest on Georgia Outdoors Radio where he promotes youth hunting, calling & shooting. He has also been featured in GON Magazine for both deer and turkey harvest. He is a member of the ATA and has qualified twice for the varsity GISA State Championships in Sporting Clays, Skeet & Trap. Other activities include Track/Field, Cross Country and an active leadership role in his church youth group. Sawyer’s favorite Woodhaven Calls are the Youth Red Scorpion, Black Wasp & The Cherry Classic Slate. After harvesting 130”+ Class whitetail this season, the Woodhaven Stinger-Pro Grunt Call completes the list.