Bubba Bruce

Natchez, MS

Bubba started hunting, camping, and fishing at a young age with his family. He killed his first turkey at 14 years old and has been chasing them for 55 years.

He is honored each spring to participate in guiding a group of wounded veterans on a turkey hunt in south Florida. His greatest memories are calling up a turkey with his dad (72), son (10) and grandson (11) for their first taking of a turkey.

He is a member of the ProStaff for Woodhaven Custom Calls, member of The National Wildlife Turkey Federation, and one of the original “Turkey Thugs” on Mossy Oaks television production “Turkey THUG”. He retired after a 45-year career in the oilfield supply industry. He is married to Janet (47 years), and they have 2 children and 5 grandchildren.