Ben Chamberlain

Claysburg, PA

Ben was introduced to hunting and outdoors by father when he was 5 yrs. old. He started out by chasing whitetail deer and squirrels in mountains and hills of Central PA. Chamberlain then went on his first spring turkey hunt when he was 7yrs old. It was experience he would never forget. Obsessed with turkey calling, he started running and playing with turkey calls and practicing as much as he could. In 1987 he called in his first competition and has been calling in contests ever since. Over the years he has been blessed to win state titles in PA, MD, VA, NY, also placing in World and Grand National friction divisions. He has around 100 other sanctioned contest wins. He currently resides in Claysburg, PA with his wife JOLENE and son’s Dakota and Corey. He enjoys hunting and fishing in PA, OH, and MD, where he shows his children the great outdoors. His go to Woodhaven calls are the Vintage Hen and Real Hen cherry box.