Blue Demon

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WoodHaven’s Blue Demon is a 2.5 reed diaphragm call.   This easy to blow, 2.5 reed call features a ghost cut in the top reed for great kee-kee and hen yelp sounds without a lot of work. The Blue Demon is a versatile call for hardcore turkey hunters.

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Weight 0.125 oz
Dimensions 11.5 × 7.75 × 2.54 in

4 reviews for Blue Demon

  1. Adam Campbell

    Love this call! Great tones, gets fantastic soft calling yelps, tree calls, easy to blow. Takes very little pressure to make the call work the way it should. Definitely gonna have a backup on this call come this spring.

  2. Garrett Cobb

    Love this call,sweet tree calls and clucks,this sweet little call has been deadly on public land birds! It has the absolute best kee kee and whistle of any call I’ve used,and if you hold your mouth right you can get down right raspy with it! This is the call i use 90% of the time!

  3. Dusty Easton

    Simply a great call. Very user friendly and versatile. Beginners will find it very easy to blow and create real turkey sounds. More experienced callers will appreciate it’s flexibility and range. I particularly like using the Blue Demon as my first call before fly down. It’s just pure turkey for soft tree helps and fly down cackles. This is a must have.

  4. Jay Anglin

    One of my absolute favs! Extremely versatile and sounds amazingly birdy no matter what I expect from it. It’s a great all-around call that I have in my mouth for well over half the season. I wear a couple out each season so buy more than one if you’re a heavy operator. Trust me…this is an absolute must have!

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