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WoodHaven’s Copperhead diaphragm call is a good example of how we at WoodHaven stay on the cutting edge of diaphragm call acoustics. The CopperHead is a 3 reed call that features one reed of orange, silky textured latex with a snake tongue cut, over two clear reeds. The Copperhead is best for hard cutting and cackles, and raspy yelps.

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Weight 0.125 oz
Dimensions 11.5 × 7.75 × 2.54 in

13 reviews for Copperhead

  1. Mithell turner

    Outstanding call the Georgia long beards can’t stand it its my go to call

  2. Alan

    This is my go to call. This call is very raspy and the Kentucky long beards can’t get enough of it. Works when nothing else will! You won’t be disappointed with this call.

  3. Brian Wynn

    I have used this call for Three seasons now and found it easy to use for a wide range of calling. Easy to use for soft subtle sounds and can get loud and stay crisp. Only call I used to kill 3 toms last year in Illinois.

  4. Seth Cole

    There has been a many long beards in south Mississippi die in front of me when I was using this call. Some I killed and some that I called up for friends and family. When I use this call new hunters tend to think turkey hunting is easy. I explain to them it’s not but this call sure does help make it easier to talk turkey and get them in range. Absolutely my favorite call. I have even on many occasions been able to call hard and loud enough with this call to locate this long distance birds that most would use a box call for. Buy it.

  5. Evan krupa

    The first time I ever used this call in the turkey woods I called in 4 longbeards (on PA public land). The birds went nuts with the raspy clucks and cuts this call produced. I was always a fan of MAD diaphragm calls, but this may be my new number 1. I’ll always have this call in my vest.

  6. Brooks Canfield

    Best call out there for getting a long beard fired up and come in to your lap. This is my go to call.

  7. Tommy Lloyd

    The absolute best call I’ve used in 30 years of turkey hunting!!!

  8. Rich Bucenec

    I absolutely love this call. Works great in upstate New York and is very easy to use for a wide range of calling. I’m newer to turkey hunting and this mouth piece works best me. Thanks for a great call!!!!

  9. Randy Tanner

    Called in a lot of birds with this call. No call produces a better yelp or cutt. It’s got great range, too—works great for soft purrs and clucks. If I had to take only one call into the woods, this would be it.

  10. Anthony rogers

    These Mississippi long beard can’t stay away from it. I love the sound of it. It’s my go to call when I need something that works every time. I can’t honestly say I have never used it and didn’t get a turkey to gobble. I haven’t killed a bird every time with it but they are gonna talk back just about every time. I keep three of them with me at all times.

  11. Richard parrish

    Excellent cutting with this call,best I ever used . Gets gobblers excited and talking from long range ,would not leave home without it !

  12. brocklanden2021

    I love Woodhaven calls- I have multiple mouth calls, and a cherry classic crystal slate that is awesome. But the Copperhead is my favorite and an absolute go-to. I bought one for the Spring 2022 season and killed a gobbler my first week using it. The call came apart on me within a month of having it (a fluke because my other calls are super durable), but once I contacted Woodhaven, they sent me a new Copperhead quickly. Awesome people, awesome call. Highly recommend!

  13. echarles2912

    Absolutely my favorite. Been using this call for over 10 years in the woods in maine. Birds love it. Can’t go wrong with this call in your pocket.

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