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WoodHaven’s Toxic Orange makes for easier kee-kee sounds and quality hen yelps. This 2.5 reed call features a ghost cut in the top reed for easier kee-kee runs and great hen sound. Made with premium tape and an adhesive lined locking frame, the Toxic Orange is set by hand to give you trustworthy sound and performance in the turkey woods.

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Weight 0.125 oz
Dimensions 11.5 × 7.75 × 2.54 in

15 reviews for Toxic Orange

  1. Tim Paden

    Every successful team has a utility player… Someone that can do it all. The Toxic Orange is the utility player in the Woodhaven line up. It simply can do it all. From soft seductive purrs to cuts to perfect kee kee runs. This is a must have call in every turkey hunter’s line up.

  2. Tried and Tru 13

    If I had to pick just one call to use, “THIS IS THE ONE!” Perfect call for soft and loud calls a like. Clucks, purrs, cackle, kee kee, cutting, yelps. I first say this call used on YouTube by “How2Hunt” how to hunt turkeys – best mouth calls. He’s an avid outdoorsman & turkey hunter (not endorsed). I decided to give it a try and fell in love. Now I’m a big fan of “Woodhaven Custom Calls.” Anxious to try their slate calls.
    Tried and Tru 13 ?

  3. R Williams

    The most versatile mouth call I have ever used. This one will do anything from a clean yelp to a raspy yelp, Kee kee’s, cuts, purrs, and even a great gobble ! This will be my mouth call of choice from now on. Ordering a backup to carry in my bag !

  4. Rick Prater

    The toxic orange call has been my favorite call for many year. Woodhaven brings value add to turkey hunting with this call. The product performs without failure due to the quality and cut. I am blessed each year with turkeys and toxic orange seals the deal.

  5. Brad

    One of the easiest blowing mouth calls you’ll find. The toxic orange still has all the quality as expected from Woodshaven with his durability. Woodhaven calls just last longer. The toxic orange is the perfect call to learn every sound a mouth can make. It’s actally the call I expanded my calling skills with.

  6. Anthony

    Just purchased a toxic orange today after years of hunting with a red wasp I was not disappointed at all very very easy call to run clean purrs and putts go soft or loud on yelps and kee kee safe to say i will be reaching for the orange call in my vest before any other

  7. Tom Ross

    Let me just say I am that guy that has not been into turkey hunting much, until recently. My brother is an avid turkey hunter and has been for years. I had the opportunity to hunt turkey with him a couple years ago. I was fascinated with the way he worked a mouth call so I bought one, nothing special, and realized how difficult those sounds were to make. Well after trying several calls and practicing a whole lot I was starting to gain some confidence. I literally have tried over mouth 20 calls and had a few I liked then I stopped in a little hardware store and noticed the small hunting section in the back. Wood Haven mouth calls hmmm. I grabbed a 3pk with the toxic orange, blue demon, and red ghost. I honesty gotta say these are the easiest best sounding most versatile calls I’ve tried. My confidence is through the roof. My calling is productive. Birds are getting bagged. I’m so glad I found these calls! Truly worth checking out the hype!!

  8. Eddie Wise

    As you can read above there isn’t a need for another review but its worth writing about. This was my first WoodHaven mouth call and it wouldn’t be my last. This call was everything I was looking for. I wanted something that had it all and it does. The purrs alone on this call is worth the money. My father used another brand of mouth calls for decades. I got him a Toxic Orange and those other calls didn’t see the woods all season. These calls literally make you a better call the second you use them.

  9. Brad

    This is an awesome call. It doesn’t require a lot of air and was actually the first ghost I learned to use. Great yelps and clucks, but super kee kee notes

  10. andy

    The best sounding mouth call I’ve used to date!

  11. Jared Weddle

    Absolutely the best mouth call I have ever used, especially for cutting and soft clucks. Called in 2 monster gobblers on opening morning mostly because of this call. Very glad my friend recommended it to me. I will probably buy a handful to put up.

  12. Mr.Outdoorsman

    Has been an awesome call for the last couple seasons! Super Realistic sounding, have brought hens and toms right to the feet. Can’t wait to explore more with the other great calls offered.

  13. Joe Davis

    Best mouth call made period. Have taken several old birds with it.

  14. Mike Healy

    I bought three diaphragm calls off the site, the ninja hammer, yellow venom, and this toxic orange. I spent several hours playing around with all three and each of the 3 calls had distinct tones for me. I could run all 3 through the half dozen turkey vocalizations I know, but the Toxic Orange was easiest for me to control and consistently make quality notes with. Each user will have different results as we all have different acoustics and muscle control but this one will be my first call in the vest next season. Easy kee kees, hard to outrun with excited cutting, “bubble clucks” and purring were almost second nature, and yelps weren’t overly raspy.

  15. brentjpointer

    a great call that can do it all one of woodhavens best

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