Fusion Aluminum


At WoodHaven Custom Calls, we continue to lead the turkey call industry in product innovation and development.  Once again, we have set the bar with the introduction of the “Fusion” Pot Call.

The “Fusion” is the first of its kind featuring a machined acrylic pot.    The acrylic pot fused with our black anodized aluminum surface delivers the realism that
WoodHaven is known for.  The “Fusion” Pot Call runs great in all conditions including very damp and wet conditions. The “Fusion” comes with the exclusive “Rain Check” striker that features a water-resistant tip and a rubber coated dowel that will give the extra grip needed in rainy conditions- making the call virtually waterproof.  Also included is the new WoodHaven “Carbon Striker” which will offer another unique turkey sound.

The NEW acrylic “Fusion” Pot Call delivers a full range of turkey sounds in all weather conditions.  Don’t let those rainy, damp days keep you from being successful in the field.

Comes complete with two strikers, conditioning kit, and surface saver lid.

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