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The “Ninja Hammer” by WoodHaven Custom Calls is a 3 reed call (top green over two proph reeds).  The Ninja Hammer is designed with a brand new cut that offers a very unique turkey sound.  This call will produce those raspy yelps of an old hen, as well as, those high-pitched kee kee runs of a lost turkey.  The Ninja Green latex is very user friendly to blow while still offering lots of backbone in the call.  From hard, crisp cutting, yelping, and whistling to those soft clucks, purrs, and whines…the “Ninja Hammer” offers today’s turkey hunter its very own unique sound.


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Weight 0.125 oz
Dimensions 11.5 × 7.75 × 2.54 in

2 reviews for Ninja Hammer

  1. Dusty Easton

    Once again the Ninja line of calls exceeds the highest of expectations. First, I was impressed with its versatility without any warm-up, right out of the box. The cut and feel make me think of a Red Wasp and Yellow Venom cross. This thing is full range, easy to blow and not a call to be lost deep in your vest.

  2. nsylvesteriii

    Best diaphragm call i’ve ever owned. Called in a group of 3 tom’s today out of some pine trees into a field and me and my buddy doubled up.

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