Ninja Venom

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The Ninja Venom by WoodHaven Custom Calls is a 3 reed call (top green reed over two proph reeds). The Ninja Venom is designed with a totally unique cutt that’s easy to control. When yelping, you can easily transition from the clear front note to the nasally, raspy back end of a yelp. Any skill level can produce reliable turkey tones. From hard, crisp cutting to soft clucking, purring, and whining — the Ninja Venom offers its own unique turkey sound.


Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 7.75 × 2.54 cm

2 reviews for Ninja Venom

  1. Dusty Easton

    The new Ninja Venom has quickly become my new favorite mouth call. Very easy to work and requires a very comfortable amount of air to produce quality tone. This is my security call, if I’m not sure what to use or need to make that one last yelp to close the deal this will be what I use.

  2. Dan Lone

    Have used woodhaven calls ever since I started Turkey hunting. Out of all the different mouth calls I have tried from them this is by far the best “real hen” call. Awesome really low end high pitch with slight break over to a yelp that a content hen makes. Awesome call to cut with. Have had people call to me on public land thinking I was a real hen.

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