The Legend Glass

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The Legend Glass by WoodHaven is designed to give you the best sound quality available from a glass call.  The Legend Glass delivers 100% hen turkey sounds in true double note yelps and realistic clucks, cutts and purrs.  Comes complete with two matched strikers, a surface saver lid, and a conditioning kit.



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Weight 0.7 oz
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 4 in

3 reviews for The Legend Glass

  1. Stacy Earwood

    If you are looking for a Call that is a cut above the rest, Look no further. These guys Stand behind the Quality of each call 100%. The Legend Glass Turkey call is my go to in the field hands down! The Sales/Customer service team will treat you like family. If you find me in the field, you better bet I will have my Woodhaven calls with me! Thank you for my new call! You guys are the best.

  2. Cody

    It’s great!

  3. Matt Kelley

    By far the best on the market. If I haven’t bought 100 friction calls in my life I haven’t bought one. Best money I’ve ever spent on calls.

    Spurs up beards down.

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