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7X Florida State Champion and 2X Grand National Champion, Scott Ellis, has built his excitement into his signature call. The Scott Ellis signature call is a 3 reed “V” or “Vyper” cut with yellow latex as the top reed and black latex as the two bottom reeds. It is high strung and full of life! It has a sharp bite to it with super raspy yelps. Good overall call for yelping, cutting, cackles, and cluck ‘n purrs!

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Dimensions 11.5 × 7.75 × 2.54 in

11 reviews for Scott Ellis New Energy

  1. Ryan Grow

    Love the rasp this call delivers but yet can sing the sweet note of the sound of a young hen with the proper move of air flow. Great design and well built for my style of calling!

  2. Bubba Stevens

    If I had to just take one call to the woods it would be this one. While others may specialize it certain calls, this one can do them all. Like a good utility player on a baseball team, the New Energy is versatile for any situation.

  3. Lucas Ruff

    This call is best I’ve ever used. I started bow hunting turkeys 10 years ago and started to use mouth calls when I was 9 (now 23). I’m truly just a mouth call hunter put always had switch to a slate to decoy them big ol thunder chickens but not anymore this call will do it all honestly from slicing threw the air to those distant birds to making the softest purs you could ever imagine this call is it folks!

  4. Wayne Ponder

    I’ve hunted turkey for 28yrs and been mouth calling for a loooong time,used numerous kinds of calls from about every maker in the business.THIS CALL IS OVER THE TOP on anything I’ve ever used,the range of this call from LOUD to quiet finishing is AMAZING!!!take it from a SEASONED hunter,GET ONE OF THESE,you won’t be disappointed! !!!

  5. Mark Traister

    This call is all turkey! Has the rasp gobblers love and easy to run. To God be the glory!

  6. Andrew Yocum

    I’ve purchased calls from Knight&Hale, Primos, .. etc, but this is the best turkey call I’ve ever used. It can be high pitched or raspy.. Between this and Red Venom, they’re the only 2 calls I buy anymore. Woodhaven calls are on a whole other level, these turkeys up in PA love them!

  7. Scott Ellis

    This call is obviously my baby. Realism BUILT IN. Just pop it in and push some air to it! She will come alive!

  8. Paul

    Another great diaphragm call from woodhaven. Talks pure turkey! Great customer service too. If I wasn’t a lifetime customer before, I am now!

  9. Corby

    The first one of these calls I bought had a loose reed. When I emailed WoodHaven about it, they sent me 2 replacements for free! I lost the first after falling in the creek, but the second one is great! It was my number two call this season because it requires quite a bit more air than other calls.

    I refuse to use mouthcalls made by other companies because WoodHaven proves to bring in gobblers time and time again.

  10. Tanner C

    This call is raspy it’s nasty and sassy. It’s one of the best sounding calls I’ve used. It can go to raspy Yelp and transition to a sweet tone. My go to call in the hardwoods.

  11. Randy

    I am a beginner when it comes to using a mouth call. I purchased this call and was able to get a sound almost immediately. Plain yelps are sounding more realistic with each practice. The call was large enough that I needed to trim a small amount of the tape. Once I did that it fit my mouth perfectly, and the sounds are getting better. I am amazed at how small the amount of air that is required to make this call work. I look forward to using this call next turkey season. I will be purchasing this call again in the future as well as other mouth calls from Woodhaven Custom Calls

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